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Project Lifesaver International


Pilot International Logo Project Lifesaver DeWitt County will provide relief to families and caregivers from the constant fear of not being able to locate their loved ones should they wander from their homes. This will be done by distributing electronic bracelets to a client with a history of or potential for wandering. Each designated client will be assigned a unique frequency, and may be tracked and located by search and rescue personnel by the use of receivers tuned to the appropriate frequency.

This program is provided at no charge and is sponsored by the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office and the Pilot Club of Cuero. 


Personnel assigned and trained in the use of the Care Track Mobile Locator will be responsible for responding when activated to help search and locate clients of Project Lifesaver DeWitt County. In addition, they will perform routine monthly maintenance checks of transmitters, which have been issued to clients of the Project Lifesaver DeWitt County Program

Project Lifesaver International

Project Lifesaver International is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation founded in October 1998, by Chief Gene Saunders, regarded as the father of, and subject matter expert on, electronic tracking of persons at risk, and 2010 Presidential Citizens Medal nominee, in association with the Chesapeake, Virginia Sheriff’s Office. The organization was formed to develop a program for locating missing persons with dementia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, down syndrome and other related illnesses, and is now regarded as the gold standard in the field. The program involves identifying persons at risk of wandering by attaching a radio transmitter device to their wrist or ankle by way of a plastic or nylon wristband. The battery operated radio transmitter emits an inaudible pulse once per second, in the FCC allocated and licensed 216 MHz frequency range, that can be picked up by a receiver operated by trained and certified public safety officers.

Project Lifesaver, with offices in Florida and Chesapeake, Virginia, provides training and support for public safety agencies anywhere in the world. Project Lifesaver assists agencies in establishing the program in their area, trains them to manage their at-risk clients by enrolling at-risk persons, and on how to recognize the disorders they may have to deal with and how to interact with persons affected by them. These agencies are also trained in search techniques and use of the approved equipment. In addition, Project Lifesaver provides a secure, web based client management system for use by the agencies in the administration of their program.

Project Lifesaver utilizes radio frequency tracking technology from several approved manufacturers, which is tested by member agencies before being approved for field use.

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