Detention Information

Visits are for 20 minutes unless you live more than 300 miles away as stated on your valid ID. Extended visits for this instance is 40 minutes.

1 visit allowed per person per day
To Add Money to a resident's account: There is a Money Machine in the jail lobby that accepts credit cards and paper currency for your convenience. You may also contact Access Secure deposits at 866.345.1884 or to use a credit card if you cannot come to the facility.

Fingerprint Times:

Monday-Friday 8 am to 11 am & 1 pm to 5 pm.
Must have current DL or ID and a $10.00 money order or cashiers check made out to DeWitt County.


Q. Can I call or speak to an inmate?

A. No. Inmate must initiate an outgoing call through a collect call or through a prepaid phone card. The best way to initiate conversation is to write a letter to the inmate

Q. What can I bring an inmate in jail?

A. The Dewitt County Jail is able to provide all necessary items for the inmate and doesn't accept items from the public. Family and friends can place money on an inmates account to allow them to purchase additional items from commissary.

Q. Does the Jail accept money orders through the mail?

A. No. If a money order is received it is returned to the sender through the US Postal Service. The jail will accept paper money or credit card transactions through a kiosk in the visitation lobby, credit card transactions via the internet, and credit card transactions via a toll free telephone number.

Q. How to put money on books?

A. The Dewitt County Jail has a kiosk in the visitation lobby that will accept paper money as well as credit cards. You are also able to contact 866-345-1884 to place money into a commissary account through a credit card. Furthermore, you may also visit to apply money to a commissary account.

Q. What are visitation hours?

Q. How do I write an inmate?

A. Address your letter to:
Inmate's Name c/o Dewitt County Jail
208 E. Live Oak St.
Cuero Texas 77954

A. The Dewitt County Sheriff's Office has a convenient search feature available on this page for your use.

Q. What information is available to the public on an inmate?

A. The Dewitt County Jail is able to provide you with whether or not the inmate is in custody, what their charges are, and what their bond amount is. The jail will not provide further information, pass messages to loved ones in custody, or speak in regards to any medical question that would violate HIPA laws. The jail will also not provide any confidential financial information regarding an inmate's commissary account.

Q. When is an inmate's courtdate?

A. The jail doesn't schedule or maintain the court dockets. The jail doesn't have information regarding any pending court date. It is recommended that you contact the clerks of respective courts to determine any upcoming court date.

Q. Do I have a warrant?

A. The jail will not provide this information. You must come to the Sheriff's Office in person and present a valid ID to dispatch to obtain this information.

Q. How do I retrieve property left by an inmate from the jail?

A. All property left by an inmate who has left the jail will be stored for a period of 14 calendar days and destroyed on the fourth day. The inmate can designate the recipient of their property in the event they leave the jail.

Q. How does an inmate in custody release property to a loved one?

A. The jail is able to release inmate property to a loved one during their normal scheduled visitation hours. The inmate must consent to the release and the recipient must be in possession of a valid ID.

Dewitt County Jail

208 E Live Oak St. Suite C
Cuero Texas 77954
Phone: 361.275.0034
Fax: 361.275.5005

Captain Jerry Garza

Texas Commission on Jail Standards

PREA compliant facility

The Dewitt County Jail is a PREA compliant facility. Any allegations or concerns regarding sexual harassment or sexual abuse should be immediately reported to jail administration or the Dewitt County Sheriff's Office investigations division.